Thursday, 6 December 2018


FINALLY! I had a two night Barbados, I did have to swap onto it.. and it was landing back into Manchester airport. But still, I was buzzing about this trip. I absolutely love Barbados but usually we only get one night there which really isn't long enough.

I had such a lush crew on this trip, the first night was pretty standard, rum punches, beers sat around the pool talking about all sorts of rubbish. Playing heads up. Hilarious. But a really fun evening, then the next day which was our full day in barbs we decided to head over to The Boatyard. Which is right by our hotel, and sooo much fun. You pay like $30 US dollars to get in and you get given a card with Barbados dollars on it to spend when your there. Which is great! Lots of happy hours and at 1pm they start playing the LMFAO SHOTS song ringing bells and pour shots into your mouths....

But other than good food, good drinks and good music. The beach is honestly so beautiful, the clearest waters I have ever seen. And theres inflatables in the sea you can play on. Massive trampolines in the middle of the sea. Also theres a jetty with rope swings off the edge.

We spent all day here up until it closed that night, we were definitely the last group on the beach! Then we had to walk back, which felt like forever as this was when I noticed I am sunburned covered in sea and sand and VERY uncomfortable!

The sunset was stunning though! The most perfect cotton candy skies I have ever seen.

I was sharing a room with my friend Stewart or as I liked to call him all trip STEWIE. Wether he actually liked that or not I'm not sure but that is now his name.

We had a very glamourous evening eating pot noodle in bed, again talking about a load of rubbish until I fell asleep... sorry stewie!

The next morning was a really chilled one as we was flying home that evening! So us girls got a load of sunbeds on the beach and spent the day there. We had a very long lazy breakfast on the beach starting at 7am and I don't think we actually left till 10:30ish... again spending all that time eating and talking about rubbish. I swear that is what crew are BEST AT. Talking nonsense for hours.

On the beach we had the famous fish burgers... oh wow! Honestly I was like meh will it just be like a fillet o fish burger at mcdonalds? NOPE it was delicious. 100% sure the guy who sells them changes his prices depending on the person. But still, it was cheap, delicious and I could eat about 5 of them right now whilst I'm writing this in my bed in Vegas eating boring cereal out of a paper cup. CREWLIFE.

Also every morning the locals take their horses into the sea for a swim, which was something so amazing to watch first thing in the morning!

After such an amazing couple nights away in sunny Barbados it was time to head home, we was flying back into Manchester airport! Which was LONG for me...and all the other crew that wanted to go back to Gatwick, but work did provide a sleeper bus for us. I felt like I was in little mix or something on tour.

Finally after landing at 7am, I got home around 4pm that afternoon.. I looked amazing as you can imagine. Jumped straight into the shower the moment I got home! It was a long journey but so worth it for the trip we had. 

Can I go back again please??? 

Currently in Vegas, and I've vlogged this trip! Its probably the most chilled out vlog I've ever done as I haven't done much at all! So if it really is too boring I won't post it, unless people want me too! 

Next stop: JAMAICA for some cocktails and sunshine and I cannot wait! 

Thanks for reading dolls x

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