Friday, 28 September 2018


LA is easily my favourite trip we do as Virgin Atlantic crew, and the reason come march I will be going back to Heathrow... I LOVE it there so much. The vibe, the weather, the food.. all of it.

Plus it is just all about the gram out there. Wherever you look its instagrammable. I have been a few times now but there is still soooo much I want to do out there! If you are planning a trip to LA. Book it, do it and move out there whilst your at it. you will not be disappointed. Alex and I would love to move to LA.. who knows maybe one day!

We had a loooong day ahead of us on Sunday! Woke up at 6am, drove to Gatwick, got a bus from the carpark to the main bus stop then a bus to Heathrow, then had our safety briefing with the crew after battling the busy airport and walking past Gucci avoiding going in at ALL COSTS. Then a 11 hour flight time to LAX. All was good, had such a lovely crew and was working up the front with my main chick Tilly. We basically didn't leave each others sides all trip and I'm here for it.

After the flight we was pretty tired but also pretty STARVING, and craving Cheesecake Factory so a group of us girls jumped in a UBER and went straight to the nearest one. That was a lovely evening even though we was so tired we powered through.

The next morning my friend Kiri came and picked us up, she is basically the queen of LA. she might as well live there I am starting to think she does to be honest. I was so happy she was able to meet us for the morning as I haven't seen her for ages and she's just a person I genuinely adore. TOP banter.
We drove to melrose avenue and went to Urrth Cafe for breakfast. My all time FAVOURITE breakfast place ever... so so so good I recommend poach di parma. I get it all the time! We then went wondering around Melrose Ave like you do before jumping back in the crew car to Beverly Hills, we went into the hotel from some cocktails. $30 for ONE cocktail. So if you plan on going there mortgage your house first. Definitely worth it though, pink hotel paradise. We was on kardashion watch the whole time... didn't happen.

After this Kiri had to leave us, it was her time to fly home that evening! So we just popped into Carrera cafe, opposite the famous pink wall of melrose. For a drink and a cool down as it was boiling that day. Then we decided to pop to Rodeo Drive. Which is so pretty and nice to just walk around window shopping. Because if you are a crew member ACTUALLY shopping on rodeo drive I want to know your secret.

It was then time to head back to the hotel to get ready to meet the rest of the girls as we booked a table at CATCH LA in West Hollywood for dinner and drinks. Another favourite place in LA for food. SO SO SO good and again Instagram goals. A lot of celebrities go there also so keep an eye out.

That was a lovely evening, good food and great company. The cocktails wasn't $30 each thankfully just $16 - if you go you have to get the famous HIT ME cake.

Then we walked over to PUMP which is another gorgeous resturant/bar in West Hollywood. Next time I go to LA I'm deffo going to book to go here. Fairy lights everywhere and candles and good music, super stylish and romantic. Date night ideas!

Then it was bed time. Jet lag hit us again, tired in the evenings, up ridiculously early the next morning.

The day of check out we didn't do too much, just went to the local mall and did some shopping. Our check out was pretty early - wake up call was 2:45-3:45, then it was time to fly back home. 9:20 flight time back which wasn't tooooo bad but still a long flight time for a night flight!

Now 3 days off before jetting off back to the west coast again on Sunday. This time to San Francisco!

Thanks for reading dolls xxx


  1. So happy you posted again! LA looks amazing sounds like you had the best time!

    Alexandra |

    1. I actually decided to mention this in my last post if you'd like to have a look at all x

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