Thursday, 16 August 2018


Hey! Im back, haven't posted in a while and I'm sorry. However I have been posting lots on Instagram so if you follow me on there then you probably haven't missed me at all... and even if you don't and you just follow my blog you probably haven't missed me either because my posts aren't all that good really I just talk nonsense and post pictures.


A lot has happened since I last posted, I've been on lots of trips with work, I also went on holiday to Menorca, I got in engaged!!! And I've moved house with Alex into our first home, I've had surgery and have had some time off work to recover and relax. So yeah, a lot has happened the past few months.

Ive decided to step back from just "travel blogging" lately because I was starting to loose the love for it, obviously I still love to travel and take pictures. But the stress of not being at work and not travelling anywhere and not getting content was getting to me too much. Which is why I've slowly gone more into lifestyle and fashion blogging again. Which I am loving and I think a lot of my followers are too as numbers are growing slowly but surely! So first of all, thank you so so much!

I have also received some amazing news recently - I was being tested for the BRCA 2 cancer mutation gene.. which is a horrible horrible gene which increases my chances of getting cancer. And going by my family history, my chances would of been so high.

Luckily my results came back from The Royal Marsden that I am NOT a carrier. So along with everything else lately I really am on cloud 9.

Anyway thats a little life update for you all, expect lots *hopefully* of new posts not just on crew life but on everything... my life!

Megan xx


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