Thursday, 16 August 2018


I GOT ENGAGED YAASSS - I know I'm like 2 months late as this was back in June and its nearly September but.... better late than never aye girls.

So the original plan was to go out to Menorca (my favourite place in the whole entire world) and surprise my mum and dad! As they were already out there on holiday for my mums dad was in on the plan which helped the surprise massively. So my mum thought Alex and I was in Mexico, so she didn't question me not messaging her or being online for a day or so whilst we travelled out to minorca. I also blocked her on Insta!

Annnnyhooo I'm rambling now like always ill just get to it, we flew out on her birthday and snuck up on her at the beach whilst she was all peaceful sunbathing living her best life then we balled up with a birthday cake singing happy birthday. She loved it, cried gave million hugs a kisses then we went and drank loads of sangria and ate paella.  This was day one!

The rest of the trip was full of adventures as Alex and I had our own car out there so we can explore the island by ourselves and not tag along with my parents every day. But to be honest my parents are cool so we followed them in our car most days and did stuff together anyway!

We spent days on the beach loving life, going to markets and bars, and evenings in ciutadella - the cutest town ever!

on the 22nd of June, its my parents wedding anniversary. We spent the day on our own private boat jumping into the sea listening to music sunbathing - literally the best day ever. And that evening had  table booked at my ALL TIME fave restaurant. Ive been going there ever since I was little and have always been blown away with how stunning it is and how amazing the food is. Its inside some caves just over looking a harbour with the most perfect view of a sunset. With a roof terrace with views to die for, its so tucked away and small its never that busy and never full of loads of brits.. Which I love.

Alex paid for dinner that evening, we had lots of sangria and the biggest most delicious paella ever. He didn't even seem nervous or anything to me that evening, but maybe I was just enjoying myself and my food to notice.

Sunset was happening It was BEAUTIFUL the best oranges and pinks and purples I ever ever did see in a sunset, we went to the roof terrace after dinner to have drinks and watch the sunset whilst listening to the stunning Spanish music.

I thought Alex and I were getting a photo, you know for the gram so I'm standing there with my sangria loving life smiling posing doing my usual thing, whilst Alex was rubbing my back I thought awww he's being super cute tonight. wonder what he wants.....

well little did I know my dd wasn't even taking pictures of us he was FILMING us because he knew within second my best friend was getting down on one knee and asking me to be his wife. AHH I cried, and I cried and I nodded my head because I couldn't speak before eventually saying yes. And then cried some more. The video is the most precious and most special thing ever, the fact my dad filmed it means EVERYTHING to me too.

The rest of the evening was spent celebrating... well I say the rest of the evening the rest of the HOLIDAY! Every day I was staring at my ring shining in the sun, it is my dream ring. He did good!
Alex and I celebrated by having a Nutella crepe moments after... however Alex ate pretty much all of it i couldn't eat a thing I was shaking so much still from the shock and excitement of it all.

The rest of the holiday was amazing, every day was sunny and lovely we explored, ate good food, drunk good wine and just lived our best lives as an engaged couple!

Alex and I spent our last evening eating tapas, drinking some more, shopping in the little towns, and eating ice cream in cuitadella before flying home the next morning. Menorca 2018 was one to remember, one of the most amazing holidays of my life.

Thanks for reading xx

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