Wednesday, 23 May 2018


How much of New York can you fit in 24 hours? A bloody lot that is! My feet still ache from this trip... I think we did over 23000 steps. Well thats what my watch said so it must be right! However when in New York, it has to be done!

We got to our hotel around 6pm (New York time) so 11ish back home in our body clocks! Decided to jump straight in the shower and get ready to head up to the rooftop bar on the top of our hotel. Which was absolutely stunning!! The sunset we had that evening was easily one of the best sunsets I have ever seen... Who even knew New York can pull out sunsets like that? Not me! we spent all of our evening here even though we did have plans to go to Press Lounge for drinks after. Jet lagged kicked in after the sun went in, so we just went to get pizza down the road at 2 Bros then call it a day.

The next morning we were up super early, 4am!! Thanks jet lag :) So we waited for the sun to come up then we headed out for some breakfast.. we ended up walking all the way to the West Village from our hotel which felt like miles and miles. Im sure it wasn't though, just me being dramatic. We went to Jacks Wide Freda for breakfast, visited Perry street which was stunning. Took some pictures on peoples front door steps, as you do. Then walked over to Brooklyn Bridge, which would you believe I have never actually been too?! And I have been to New York a lot of times. The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny bright blue skies and hot! Everything we asked for!

Brooklyn bridge was actually so amazing, I have been across a couple bridges in my life.. Golden Gate Bridge, Dartford QE2 Bridge... but this was the best! You can see all of the city skyline, statue of liberty, obviously Brooklyn and so much more it was truly beautiful! Very busy though, and the cyclist really do get pissed off in good old New Yorker fashion if you walk in their lane!

You will never see me smiling this much at a normal ATM!!

We then took our sprinkles cupcakes down to Central Park. We spent pretty much the rest of our afternoon here just watching the world go buy, stuffing our faces in cake...lying in the sun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Central Park. My favourite park there is, and I really do suggest if your in New York just spending a sunny afternoon here. Take a picnic if you can, its beautiful.

It was soon time to head back as check out was 6:10-7:10 so we wanted to be back in the hotel with plenty of time to get ready for the flight home! But of course we decided to walk back down 5th avenue towards the hotel. We was good though and didn't go into any of the shops, considering it was payday back home!

The flight home was 6 hours 6 minutes, amazing! And I was working up the front in upper class so most of my passengers wanted their beds made and went straight to sleep after we took off.

New York is an amazing place, and as much as I love it here at Christmas time, I do still really think come here in the spring it is beautiful and a lot more enjoyable, finding little hidden markets and gems.


Next stop: Standby

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