Wednesday, 28 March 2018


For Alex's birthday a couple weeks ago one of his presents was an I heart SF t-shirt... and wrapped up inside the t-shirt was tickets to San Francisco! Girlfriend points or what!

Somewhere I know he has wanted to go for ages so I took him! Yay :) We landed into san fran late afternoon and showered changed and headed straight out for a walk around union square which was so nice for him to see some of the city straight away. The hotel we stay in is super central which is perfect! Then we hit a wall and crashed, jet lag life.

The next morning we were up early and headed straight to breakfast we jumped in a Uber to a place called Cafe Reveille, which if you follow me on Instagram you would of seen we actually went there both mornings because it was just that good. Right by AT&T baseball park. The food is all healthy, organic and delicious. Plus it was SO instagrammable - you know, do it for the gram.

After this delicious breakfast it was time to do some serious sight seeing. First stop was Lombard street, and a massive hill to get there but so worth it just to see this crazy street. We also got a uber driver to drive down it at one point which did put me on edge a little bit with all the people walking around us on this steep winding road!

Then we picked up our bikes at Pier 41 Blazing Saddles, and started our 10 mile plus bike ride across the bridge and to Saulsalito and around the city! My bum and legs were in so much pain after the day. But the views we took in along the way were incredible.

After finally getting to Sausalito and realising how UNFIT I am we stopped off for some lunch and drinks and the Joinery, I recommend their guac and chips! So good, also if you like fish I have been recommended the Spinikers also for lunch which is also by the water - beautiful settings.

Then we got some tickets for the ferry which took us to Tiburon and then across past Alcatraz then to pier 41 again. Which we then got off to then drop the bikes back and explore Fishermans Wharf. And ofcourse we had to go and see the Sea Lions at pier 39. Must of stood there laughing at them for a good 15/20 minutes. Could easily catch them all day, the smell however... gross.

If you go to Fishermans Wharf I 100% recommend going to Boudins for some lunch. Its their famous sour dough bread and clam chowder, but if your like me and not a huge fan of chowder they also do the most amazing rustic tomato soup!

Later on in the afternoon we headed back to union square for a wander around then back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. We decided to go to Little Italy for some pizza and pasta - YUM. But to be honest I didn't take any photos then because I have also vlogged this trip so kept forgetting to do both, and was way to tired to even think about it.. But trust me when I say it was good. I reccomened Tonys Pizza Little Italy!

Next day: 

Shock we went to Cafe Revielle again. Then back to union square to jump on a tour bus of the city, we used sight seeing city tours and if you are crew we do get some discount (even if your not crew just say you are they still give you some discount) we only paid for 1 ticket!

This is so worth the money, takes you all over the place and across the bridge again and around the hippy streets of San Francisco and to places you wouldn't think to go, like The Painted Ladies.
If you are sitting at the top definitely take a hair band for your hair and hold your hat if you are wearing one, something Alex and I didn't do...

I really would recommend going to China Town if you get the chance, there is a bus stop right by the famous gates at the start of china town on this bus tour. Its full of crazy street art, shops and restaurants. The largest china town in the whole of America. Definitely felt like I was actually in china for a little bit whilst we was there.

It was then time to go home after jumping back on the bus and doing some more sight seeing and heading back down to pier 39 one more time. We went back to the hotel to chill out a little before starting to get ready for the long 10hr flight home. Alex is crazy though and went to the gym for a little work out, myself on the other hand had plans to jump into bed for a hour to rest. As I had to work the flight home unlike Alex who was relaxing in Upper Class the whole way back.

Next trip is Las Vegas on Friday!


Thanks for reading dolls x


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