Wednesday, 21 March 2018


I know I basically live in Montego Bay at the moment. It could be worse! However my skin is not loving life right now, I am seriously burnt... my own fault I know but I did put factor 30 on every day??? Well I am definitely paying the price now, especially when I'm in the shower, ouch!

Last week I had a lovely little 3 nighter in Jamaica with a great crew like always, and then I had some time off for Alex's birthday, then this morning I just got back from a nice little 2 nighter. And yep, I have another 3 nighter next month. Maybe ill get some factor 50 for that trip.

Both trips were super fun and kind of chilled, we didn't leave the hotel resort. But we do stay in an all inclusive resort on the beach. Amazing! So we did drink and eat a lot, why wouldn't you? Pina coladas on the beach... yes please. And inside coconuts? Even better!


All day by the pool/beach, evenings watching the entertainment.. one night was karaoke and some of the crew were brave enough to go up on stage singing! I was that person giving it the biggun egging people on to go on stage but when it came to my turn I refused. You will not catch me singing down a microphone to an audience ever. :) Luckily they were both really good singers.. thank god because its awkward otherwise isn't it!


This trip was a little bit more chilled out, I think because it was only 2 nights and we were all just so tired by 9pm.. getting on these days nearly 23! (granny emoji) But still had a lovely time, flew with a couple girls I trained with too which is always nice! Definitely caught the sun a bit more this time. Spent pretty much all of last night on the flight in pain.

I do love having a LGW super preference, means my winter tan is coming along nicely in this miserable cold months back home. And means I can be all summery on my Instagram which I love!

Both these trips just consisted of sunbathing, swimming in the sea, going on boats, paddle boarding, drinking cocktails in the sun, and lots of photo shoots and gossiping with the girls.

Thanks for reading dolls x 


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