Wednesday, 21 March 2018


This post is another personal one, not just about my travels, thats coming later! This is another in deep-ish post about crew life... If you are new to the flying world or looking to start in this crazy career then I hope this helps any nerves or doubt... and enjoy.

So when I first started flying, I really was not sure about it.

Is this for me? Am I good enough? Why am I here? Do I want to do this anymore? 

These are questions that constantly went around my mind and started to drive me insane also my family and boyfriend. Considering I just spent months dedicating my life to this new career change, with the assessment day, medical meetings, getting references, e-learning... let alone the 6 weeks of intense training. That they all supported me amazingly with.. to hear that I wasn't sure anymore and wanted to give in my wings hurt them. I am so so so happy they were tough on me and told me they will be disappointed if I left and to stick it out for longer. Because I really can't see myself back in a office anymore. But that's probably what I would be doing now if I did leave.. bore me later!

Its a whole new lifestyle, you are up all night, you are so far away from home. You work really long shifts, can get home sick, and lonely. This I really struggled with at the start. Now I'm like yaaas hotel room for the night a big king size bed all for me thank you good night. (sorry Alex)

"It takes 6 months" - really does!

People said this to me all the time, and Id think oh no I don't think I can do another 6 months, but really months would past rosters would come out and id carry on... it got easier and easier each week. You start to make friends, recognise faces... find what trips you really enjoy. You learn how to work with the jet lag too. - you will always be knackered unfortunately. That isn't changing!

But its so true, give it 6 months. 1 big reason is also after 6 months you can the swap and preference! Oh the joys... this makes a massive difference you can pick and choose your roster! And by this point you are walking into the gatehouse (where we check in) and seeing friendly faces.

I started this blog just for my friends and family to all look at and for me to look back on for the memories... not realising whilst some times I thought this lifestyle wasn't for me. I was being so silly because I have been so happy and had the best 2 years ever. Experiencing loads of new things, making amazing friends for life, learning a lot about myself. And of course seeing the world!

Make sure to stick it out if you are unsure, and remember it isn't just a job so it will take time.

Thanks for reading dolls x 


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