Wednesday, 28 March 2018


A couple weeks a go I had a trip to Johannesburg. Which I love every so often, especially as I don't get to fly out of Heathrow very often! These are always nice trips, cheap wine, good steak, a nice spa with super cheap massages... Easy layover!

I always tend to go on a safari each time I go to South Africa, which I'm not complaining about at all! This time we went back to glen Africa where I have been before and loved. We get crew discount there too so for a good 2 hour game drive and they pick you up and drop you off at your hotel!

The day we got there, was an absolute write off... had a bath, a face mask and went straight to sleep! Then showered got ready to go down to the rooftop bar attached to our hotel for sundowners. The sunset was stunning, and we get our first drink free! Perfect.

Joburgs are usually always so sociable as crew, its super cheap to eat and drink out plus the fire pits and bar area for sundowners is too pretty to miss. I guess the free drink helps too!

We tend to always stick to the same restaurants, where we know we will be treated well.. and they don't mind splitting the check 15 ways. We are such a pain...

South Africa is so cheap for steak and wine, and if your ever there make sure to have a don Pedro. Mmm so DELISH!

The Next Day:

We planned to meet in the morning as the company Glen Afric were picking us up around 10am to take us to the safari, which is about a hours drive away. When we got there we jumped straight onto the jeeps and started the safari. Which did not disappoint!

I want to add, it looks like some of the lions and tigers are in cages in some of these photos.. they definitely weren't forced to be in these cages the doors were open for them. However due to it being summer over there and being a proper summer not like our rubbish attempt... the tigers and lions like to lie down in the shaded area and on the concrete as its cool.... well this is what the ranger told us!

We also got a chance to walk with the African elephants, which was amazing! I have done this before, but still bloody terrifies me being that close to such a huge animal! Also when they start to walk I basically spring off like Usain bolt.

I know just how lucky I am with my job to be able to experience amazing opportunities like this! And being able to do it with friends, I've also brought Alex before to go on a safari trip together.

I really recommend it to anyone that loves animals, its such an experience!

Thanks for reading dolls x


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