Sunday, 25 February 2018


Finally, I'm back and writing up a post.. feels like  ages since I've done a blog post. That's because I haven't been flying... and to be honest on my days off I've been chilling out doing sweet FA. Which has been an absolute dream, catching up on sleep and with friends. But I am missing the skies now and pretty excited to get back next week. After not flying for nearly 2 and a half weeks, and being in England for so long.. I'm ready to pack my suitcase and get some warm sun! Next stop Johannesburg.

Exciting news whilst I've been off, I've bought a Mac Book Air!! So I can finally do all my blog posts on here now, hopefully edit my photos on here, and possibly start up my youtube channel that I have wanted to do for so long... my excuse was always not having a Mac book to edit my videos on. Now I have no excuse...

But I'm back to Johannesburg on the 1st and I'm super excited, hopefully Ill get a chance to do a safari again, see some elephants and giraffes. And hopefully take some really good shots as my Instagram is dead right now, with just pictures of my cups of tea. How exciting....

So that's why I've been absent lately, some time off for myself to have a little routine and a normal lifestyle for a few weeks.

Thanks for reading dolls x


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