Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Yesterday I landed back from such an unreal little jolly around the west coast, and when I say little jolly is was actually a layover for work and when I say around the west coast we did only go to LA and Vegas. But still, such a good trip to have on my roster!

And of course in true Megan style I took hundreds of photo's, and basically told all the crew during the flight on the way to LA that were not sitting in our hotel rooms eating pot noodle and being unsociable and were going out. Which I know they all loved because everyone enjoyed themselves! As soon as we landed we got a whatsapp group together, and the plans began.

Drinks around the fire that evening, I opted for a nice cold coors light - best beer! This ended in random jet lagged/exhausted chats before we all decided its nearly 4am in our body clocks lets call it a night. Standard evening for crew on the first night.

The next morning we all met for breakfast, our hotel has a breakfast buffet room and its only for crew. Only $18. Super cheap for what you get! And this was our fuel for a long day ahead. Luckily as i've mentioned before pretty much all our hotels we have 2-3 "crew vans" which I call our soccer mom cars, that we can take out for the day to explore the destination were in. So we all jumped in 2 soccer mom cars and headed to Venice.

We all hired bikes, from a place called Ride Venice. Then we had a little cycle along Venice and Santa Monica for the day, taking in all the sights, having a little play in muscle beach and yes having photo shoots on the beach and on the pier. Whilst stopping at random bars along the way. This to me was a perfect day out, and I only fell off my bike once. Result!

The sun started to set so we gave back the bikes which only cost us $20 for the day each, and then headed up the boardwalk to a restaurant/bar called Venice Whaler. Its right on the beach so we had a perfect view of the sunset. Happy hour as well.. so of course us as crew sniffed that out.

The food was really good here, I definitely recommend if you are in the area! And they give out blankets if your a bit cold.. 10/10 customer service! However like always the waitress tried a English accent... that was 2/10 awful.

The sunset was too pretty to not go and watch, so myself and a couple of the crew took the restaurant blankets with us and ran to the beach to catch the last of the sunset.

By the end of the night, we was all knackered and needed our beds. So it was time to head back to the hotel and battle LA traffic. As we had a early start the next day flying to La Vegas.8 for 9 wake up call! So I needed some sleep. However west coast jet lag meant being awake at 4am anyway.


Time to fly to vegas, our tickets were booked with American Airline, which I was excited for as one im not working im being a passengers for once and two because I was intrigued to see what American crew were like...

I bagged a window seat which I was chuffed with and loads of leg room, which lets be real.. I didn't really need the leg room. But always nice! Grabbed a cuppa tea and a donut from dunkin and had my magazine to read. It was only a 55 minute flight to LAS.

As soon as we got the hotel again we jumped into one of our soccer mom cars and went for a little road trip. We didn't fancy the standard vegas strip sort of day, but something a little more adventurous and very spontaneous. So we found our selves driving towards Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Stunning! We stopped off along the way to get a crate of beers to really enjoy red rock.

Only $7 per car to get in, and you drive around the most smoothest roads and take in all the stunning views of the canyon, there is also lots of stop off points to get out and hike, take photos or wee. Whilst looking out for rattle snakes!

After spending all afternoon here, and watching the stunning sunsets we started to go for another little road trip, and we found a cute little ranch called Bonnie Springs. We had no idea what we was going to find and even if we were allowed inside but we parked up and went for a walk. There was random pick up trucks abandoned there, wooden shacks, horse stables, loads of peacocks and an old train railway track going through the yard.

We found an actual real cowboy who told us whats what and turned out there was a restaurant there. Proper western style, and a petting zoo. Such a cute amazing little find. After wondering around look at some of the animals, we sat round a camp fire and had some drinks.

After having some drinks here it was time to head back to the strip as some of the crew had booked to go and see some shows.. Diana Ross, Backstreet Boys and Elton John. However I was being a boring old woman and decided a early night with a face mask was all I wanted. Plus paying $200 to go see someone who isnt really my cuppa tea in music wasn't something I was overly up for. Especially as this is my only trip this month. Gutted I missed out though, sounded like such a good night! 

The next morning, the day of check out in Vegas there really isn't much you can do as we check out super early. Like 12:30-1:30 wake up. Which makes doing something that morning difficult. So myself and one of the girls jumped in a Uber to Walmart to buy a load of random junk that no one needs, and treated myself to a manicure/pedicure. 

Time to fly home - lovely flight I was working the upper deck with my friend so we made the most of it, passengers were all lovely and we wasn't even full...DREAM. Quick flight time too, 8hr50! Amazing for a west coast flight, so back home nice and early. 

However, I am now bored out of my brains as im off work till march with nothing to do... so my blog and instagram may be a bit dry for a couple weeks now as im not going off gallivanting anywhere nice... :( sad times! Instagram might be full of a load of throwbacks - sorry in advance!



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