Saturday, 27 January 2018


That dreaded standby week has come around way too quick. Im on S1 starting sunday for 4 days. S1 means 6am-12pm standby each day. Which means I could be called for near enough anything...

Lucky for me I live so close to Gatwick, I am able to stay home during standby in my pjs, waiting for the call. Which is exactly what I do. I get up 5:30 give myself 30 minutes to shower, do my hair and my face and wait for a call. If I do get called that's when ill put my uniform on and leave. Im kind of hoping I don't get called this Sunday as I have made plans sunday in hope im not used... But if I am called there isn't really a lot I can do. Just keeping my fingers crossed at the moment.

Im pretty organised (I like to think) when it comes to packing for standby. What I do is half of my case for hot destinations and warm destinations like the Caribbean or LA. And then the other half for cold like New York. Only because I have made the mistake before and was expecting to be called somewhere warm and they used me for a New York in January... I froze.

For warm/hot destinations I always pack a bikini/swimsuit. I have also packed some dresses and playsuits and crop tops and skirts because you never know how long the layover may be. I could be called out for a 5 night st lucia or just a 2 night Montego bay. We all know which one is most likely. Then I have my beachwear, a big hat some sunglasses and sandals.

For colder destinations I am so much more plain and simple. Not really any colour at all. I have my black jeans which go with everything. A couple knitted jumpers, a faux fur collar cape which goes over all these jumpers nicely and will keep me warm.

Lets be honest - im hoping to be called monday morning for somewhere really warm and sunny maybe a Miami? As I haven't been there for ages or a nice long caribbean with really good allowances. But that's just me hoping and praying for the standby gods to be in my favour.

Wish me luck dolls! xxx 


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