Friday, 26 January 2018


Yesterday morning I was home make up off, showered a cuppa on the bedside table and tucked up ready so sleep by 7:15am all time RECORD!

And that was with a slight hour delay due to the aircraft being late coming in from LGW. However home before its light is good enough for me. This was such a quick trip, we got to Barbados in the late afternoon, showered changed and straight to the beach bar for a couple cold beers. Missed the sunset though, gutted. Didn't miss happy hour though! Happy days.

The next morning I was up early (thanks jetlag) and did a simple work out in my room, nothing to extreme to be honest I really didn't have the energy. I then met one of the girls for breakfast downstairs in the hotel as we had it for free. Free food? Im there. I kept it healthy with a egg white omlette, fruit and green tea. However I did have to have a little slice of banana bread.

After this we headed down to the beach and set up there for the day. The was weather was beautiful hot sunshine, I had to cool off in the sea, but then all of a sudden the clouds came and it chucked it down. Then they went and it was sunny again, then the same thing happened again.

Weird weather, but thats the Caribbean for you! Shock I still managed to burn and get a red nose.

We got a bit fed up by this point of grabbing our stuff hiding in the shade from the rain, then going back outside to re set up for sunbathing - plus it was 1pm and check out was 2:25pm so needed to go back to the rooms to chill out shower and get ready for work! Thankfully I had a nap on the beach.
This was a very chilled out trip, but to be honest its not really long enough to do much else! Just what I needed though.. ready for standby sunday.

Thanks for reading dolls xx


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