Sunday, 26 November 2017


To start, im really sorry that I've been such a rubbish blogger lately! I shouldn't even call myself a blogger to be honest. One reason being is im now having to share my laptop with my dad, which is annoying as HELL. Another reason is I used to be able to blog off my ipad or phone, which was great as I could write up my posts down route.. but now im on Blogger not word-press I can't do that, I have been looking into transferring my blog over to word-press but its £125, so unless one of my readers feels super generous and want to give me that money.. I just can't justify that right now.

Another reason is I haven't been flying ive been super ill with a Virus and haven't been back to work for ages. However hopefully Tuesday will be my first flight back. Just a little 1 night JFK but Im hoping im well enough to go for a walk around central park, and do some shopping in Sephora. 

So that's the reasons, sorry for being rubbish! Ill try and post a lot more often, and make them better for you guys :) 

thankyou for all your lovely messages all time time, It makes my DAY xxx


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