Friday, 10 November 2017


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I have just landed back from San Francisco.. and to be honest I have no idea why I have chosen now to write up a blog post. But I guess I'm feeling inspired? Maybe... jet lagged and exhausted? Definitely!
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So I just spent 2 nights in San Fran which was so nice considering I'm a gatwick girl and mainly fly out of gatwick, so that means a lot of Caribbean and vegas'a.. that's my usual roster! But I managed to swap onto this San Fran just for a change. Spice things up a bit! And I loved it, not only did I love the fact I'm was a bit chilly over there but it was Halloween. Americans take Halloween to a whole other level to us brits it's crazy... like random people on the streets walking around dressed up. Imagine that in central London, you'd get some odd looks! In San Fran it's the norm and you was the weird one for not getting involved..

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the first night I'll be honest was a massive fail, I was on the late San Fran so we didn't get to the hotel till really late so called that a night had a bath and went straight to bed. Literally didn't have the enegery to eat or anything let alone go out or even go out out!

First day myself and the girls met for breakfast, and spent a good couple hours there drinking and eating and actually trying to make a plan for the day. We eventually decided to walk down to fisher and whalf and go on the hop on hop off bus. We all know I love a hop on hop off bus!

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This took us to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is red. Not gold? Anyway... went and had some pictures taken there and enjoyed the views! It was such a clear day we were very lucky as I've been before and your like.. Bridge? Where? It can get that foggy and misty!!

That evening we went to "Movies" as they call it in America. Their cinema experience is nothing like ours, for starters you can order pretty much any food with your ticket to take in, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, nachos, fries, burgers. The lot! None of which is healthy in any way at all.. I opted for the largest bucket of butter popcorn ever and a super size diet coke. Diet, because then it's healthy?

To be honest the film was crap, we watched The Snowman... a horror, apparently? I'm a wimp and didnt find it scary at all, so that is saying something!!

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The following morning, was our last day. Us girls decided this day we needed to pop to the shops, do a sephora run and have a photo shoot on a cable car. The famous cable cars in San Fran. Did you know they can't reverse... they turn on a spinning piece of track at the top and bottom of the hill. Interesting... little fun fact for you there!

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Then it was over to cheesecake, to basically put ourselves into a food coma so we could get a little nap before the long night flight home. Which I can say didn't work, but it did fill us up! I had the mac n cheese burger.... you can clearly see I was being very healthy and strict on my diet during this trip.

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San Fran never used to be a trip I cared about, however I am starting to fall in love with the place...

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