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So FINALLY I have got my laptop back and have a evening to myself to actually do a blog post. I did do a little vote on instagram the other day too and over 300 people said they missed my blogs which meant so much to me! So here I am :)

Montego Bay... ah I do loving having a Gatwick Preference.. means I have a constant tan, can't complain! But it does mean I seriously need to start hitting the gym as im in a bikini every week.

So I just got back last night from a lovely little 3 night trip to Mobay, some crew aren't massive fans of this trip as the flights are very full on and busy! But the destination itself make's the hard work so worth it. We stay in an all inclusive resort, which for crew is dangerous! Unlimited food and drinks? Yes please. Honestly on the way home we all agreed our uniform was a little bit tighter than it usually is, detox is needed. *currently drinking green tea* and *currently waiting for a miracle to happen* and I may just wake up a size 8 again tomorrow? I'll keep you posted on that....

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Once again, I had a LUSH crew who I just adored, we had such a lovely time drinking cocktails all day and night, sunning it up and living the crew life dream basically. Except from the little.... LONG 9 hour delay we had on the way home! I'll get to that...

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So the Caribbean weather is very hit and miss, we did have a lot of sunshine and blue skies but on the 2nd day we definitely got stuck in a massive storm. We was all on the beach sunbathing loving life then all of a sudden it went dark and honestly these huge dark/black clouds covered us and the hotel stuff were telling everyone to get out of the water and off the beach. Us being standard brits were like nah its just a bit of rain, well little did we know straight after these photos were taken, heaven opened. And it rained and thundered louder and harder than ive ever seen before. At one point we were all convinced the lightning hit the roof of the stage as all the power went.

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That was that then with the sunbathing for that day, the the last day it was lovely weather. Thankfully because my tan needed topping up, felt like the one afternoon of rain we had ruined my colour. I know this isn't possible but It's how I felt!!

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So on the last day we all got up really early to get a couple hours by the beach in before having a nap and checking out ready to fly home. Our check out was originally for 4pm... Jamaica time!

The at breakfast someone goes "our plane has turned back to Gatwick" we all dropped our knifes and forks like WHAAAT. So instantly we all thought right well were cancelled were hear for another night, calling home telling our loved ones were stranded in Jamaica basically. - Dramatic I know.

Eventually the plane landed back to Gatwick, there was an aircraft change over and a new crew called out and they made their way back over to Montego Bay, hours and hours later. Our check out was for 11:30pm that evening, and we finally took off at 2:30AM. As you can imagine we was all so exhausted, but so was all the passengers so thankfully it was a very quiet flight as most people slept. Don't blame them! It's been a very long day of waiting..

After landing back into gatwick after 4pm Saturday afternoon, we all was SO ready to get home. Some people had commutes to do, even to as far as Newcastle! Times like this I feel blessed to live so near to gawtick.. Hence the gatwick preference.

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Now to pack my case ready to fly again tuesday morning, this time to Orlando for the night. Standard little trip for me. Pop to bath and body works get all the new christmas scents! Have a pedicure, glass of fizz and have a gym session. If the sun comes out, ill sunbathe for a couple hours too. Always time for sunbathing :)

Thanks for reading x


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