Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Well... China is a bit different inst it!? I honestly didn't know what to expect from Shanghai, but it lived up to my expectations. However the weather was ridiculously muggy and hot, and I find the Chinese have no sense of personal space, so it was a very hot and sweaty trip.

Thankfully I had such lovely crew on this trip, as I felt like rubbish with a horrible cold, but I soldiered on and still went out and explored! Like a trooper. We landed into china at 9am there time which was 2am english time. I was absoloutely exhausted, so was the rest of the crew! That was not stopping us, most of us headed straight out to the markets to buy all kinds of goods for next to nothing. Its so cheap out there, I did not expect it! Mcdonalds was like £2 for a big mac meal. I know this because that was all I ate on this trip. I didn't risk anything. 

HAGGLE, HAGGLE, HAGGLE! Whatever you do make sure you haggle down the price, I know that sounds so obvious, but they will give you a starting price which to be fair is still pretty good but they will go down. I brought a Gucci T-shirt from the market they wanted 500 RMB for it. Which is about £50, so I started with a low price of 100 RMB and went up to 150 RMB which is still only £15. Always go lower than your willing to pay so you don't mind going up a little and they think their onto a winner... then everyone's happy. As lets be honest they probably spent like £1 to buy it. 

That evening myself and some of the crew then headed out to explore Shanghai nightlife. Which was NOTHING like I expected, very strange and very busy. The music they are into is not my kind of music personally, and in the clubs...well, they'll have a VIP booth and table, with a huge bowl of prawn crackers.... imagine that in England!!

The 2nd day we headed out on a bus tour, and did some sight seeing.. the bus tour was really cheap only £10 each if you buy the tickets from the hotel. And the stop was right outside the hotel, which was great as we really didn't want to do that much walking in 40 degree heat! 

We went to The Bund, which was the photo at the top of this post, the sky line of Shanghai..of course we all saw this as a photo opportunity and took loads of pictures! It was so windy though by the river. But to be honest these breeze was nice just to cool off a little bit. 

Then after a very full on day, we headed back to the hotel and chilled out... and by chilled out I had a bath watched loads of Youtube and slept. Then went to one of the other girls rooms and we had a little pamper evening and gossip with some drinks...then packed our cases early night ready to check out the next morning for the busy day flight home.

Luckily we wasn't completely full on the way home, our flight was just over 11 hours but honestly the passengers were so lovely, in the back galley teaching us some chinese... can't say that went well but I learnt how to say water in chinese... 水 which is.."Shuǐ"  and hello is.. 你好 "Nǐ hǎo".  

Thanks for reading, next stop: BOSTON


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