Wednesday, 30 August 2017


So on Instagram I get quite a few messages from you lovely asking questions, whether is about my job my blog or just saying you love my Instagram but the most is what make up I use.. which shocks me so much because I never think of myself as a make up person. You know them girls that contour, cut crease all that stuff... don't ask me I have no clue how to do any of that! My two best girlfriends Cassie and Eilish seriously do amazing beat faces of make up for a night out and im like umm help your girl out!

But I guess over the years I have learned and started to build my collection. Especially since becoming crew, flying with such beautiful girls all the time and the fact my face needs to look good for work. So here's my go-to make up products.


Obviously for Virgin Atlantic our lipstick colour is red, and i'm still on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick so if you know any please can you let me know.. :) I always wear NYX matte liquid lipsticks. Like most people I love liquid lipsticks, I find them so easy to apply and they last ages. The colours I wear for work are, 01 Amsterdam. And 22 Morocco.


I dont actually wear any foundation, I have tried it many times and maybe for a night out ill use some but for work I don't like my face feeling cakey.. so I just wear some concealer under my eyes and the use power and bronzer... I feel it helps my skin breathe better as being in a metal tube 38,000ft in the air all day and night isnt the best for your skin!

As you can see by the picture I wear a lot of high street brands. Personally, im saving so I can't really be heading into sephora and spending $50 on a highlighter or new blushers.. as much as I would love too!! However I find high street brands are sometimes just as good if not better. I like a lot of NYX and alot of Rimmel London, so when Rimmel contacted me the other day asking if id like them to send me some products you can imagine the mini eeeeek that came out!

I like to put some of the High Beam under my eyebrows and on my cheek bones just for a subtle glow, as my bronzer has a little bit of shimmer in it too so that keeps me glowing. I like to think at least!


So for the eyes I like to say I keep it simple but this might be the one part of my face that I sometimes go a little all out for.. I live for a winged eye liner, every day near enough if im doing a full face ill wing my eye liner and I have used the Rimmel Glam Eyes for as long as I can remember.

I love to use gold tones on my eyes for eye shadow, also a little bit of shimmer and glitter. This eye shadow pallette is one of the "build it yourself" palettes from NYX which aren't expensive at all and last all day! So remember, thats it lasting, all morning, all of the flight including a possible nap in rest and then till the early hours of the morning when im down route...unless I get to my room and scrub my face with a hot flannel which I pretty much do most trips.

For my eyebrows I get them tinted and threaded quite regularly as naturally im really blonde with light hair, so my eyebrows are basically non existent, but to top them up and shape them I use the Anastasia Beverley Hills dip pomade.

And that is my work make up look, pretty simple but its what works for me and lasts all flight. Remember being in a plane all day is harsh for your skin, so always wear lots of moisturiser and apply lots of lip balm during the flight to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh! - like you didn't know that already!?

Thanks for reading dolls xo


  1. I just ordered the NYX Amsterdam shade :) Inspired by you of course! May I recommend a lippy that I love? Lady Danger Matte by MAC. It's so lovely on and it's the perfect red for me.

    1. Aww amazing it’s a gorgeous shade! Ooh I’ll have to try that out! Thankyou x


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