Sunday, 27 August 2017


That feeling of finishing work, going home and knowing your off on your holibobs the next day really is one of the best feelings ever! Especially when you really feel like you need and deserve a break. Which lets be honest, we all need and deserve it!

 Alex and I are very well traveled and always tend to struggle on choosing where to go next however we have both have never really been to dubai. I have once but it was for 24 hours that's all, so we decided on DXB. Even though its the peak of their summer and its like 40 plus degrees all day and night. I would so recommend dubai to everyone, the service you receive out there is incredible its like you are royalty to them. There is so much to do out there, or if you want to just chill out by the pool or beach you obviously can just do that.. the hotels are gorgeous out there! Our hotel was so lush, we stayed at the Westin on The Palm, every 30 minutes or so the pool staff would come round with ice cold wet towels for you to cool down with... I know right?! Fancy.

Most evenings we found ourselves going to Pier 7 which is in Dubai Marina, this is a building with stunning views of the marina, and has 7 levels.. each level with a different style restaurant/bar. Our favourite being Asia Asia by far which was on the 6th floor. A little bit more pricey however you are paying for amazing service, a lush atmosphere and really delicious food! The first night we went out it was Ladies Night, which was good because I was getting free drinks all night. Which of course Id order two and just give the other to Alex.. win win! 

Are you even on holiday if you don't buy an inflatable?? Probably.. but I still feel you need one! Definitely an holiday essential if you ask me. Most days we spent around the pool or the beach as it was far too hot in the day to go out exploring, we kept that for the evenings. One of the days we did go to a beach club called Zero Gravity. Which I have been to before and loved the first time, and knew Alex would love it. Its right next to Dubai SkyDive, on the palm and is actually pretty cheap! You also get money off food and drinks once your inside, get there early if you want a bed though! 

Another place I would suggest going for the day or evening, especially for dinner is Souk Madinat Jumeirah.. get a taxi/uber to the hotel Al Qasr Hotel then you can get a free ride on the boats to any restaurant you want and also to the shops. Which are all Arabic style stalls. Which is were we got our henna tattoos.. I would say go before sunset so you can watch the sun set on the beach its stunning, and amazing views of the Burj Al Arab. 

We went to a restaurant called Pai Thai, and if you like thai food then definitely go here! The most delicious thai food I have ever eaten.. 

If you get the chance to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa... DO IT! Oh my god what a feeling, literally feel like you are on top of the world. We went during sunset, which was perfect and was able to watch the fountains from below. Its very quiet up there which I loved... Alex booked this as a surprise for me so Im not too sure how much it was, but whatever it was it was worth it. I would say book before you go, don't turn up on the day as there was a lot of ques! 

My last suggestion for dinner is again at Pier 7 but a place called Fume, they do really good food with a really nice arty setting, and these amazing freak shakes!! I think thats enough to convince anyone to go if you ask me.. and yes it was as good as it looks! 

All in all Dubai was another amazing holiday, we definitely would love to go back in the winter when its a little cooler so we can go to the desert safari and the water parks. But it was still amazing and the holiday blues have definitely hit hard.  And the tan is starting to fade :( 

Already feel like I need a new adventure, if you have any suggestions of your own please let me know Im always stuck on where to go! 

Thanks for reading dolls xo


  1. Hiya lovely.
    Loved reading this post.. it looks like you've both had the most amazing time. Your pictures are incredible!
    I'm heading to Dubai in 2 weeks time (eeeek) I'm so excited! I'm going with my best friend.. thanks for all the tips on places to go and eat. Will have to try them out. Asia Asia looks insane ������
    How much roughly spending money would you recommend taking? It's the little thing we are struggling with. Enough to eat, drink and have a few trips.
    Your help would be most appreciated.
    Laurie xox

  2. Hey doll! :)
    Oh your going to have the best time! Definitely go to Asia Asia and book a table before hand! Is lush, go on a Tuesday it's ladies Night! We took just over £1000 between us and that was enough but we didn't do many day trips so if your planning on doing them maybe take a bit more, the exchange rate it really good at the moment! Have fun lovely xoxox


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