Tuesday, 18 July 2017


This trip was last year, but I was looking back on old photos on Facebook from my adventures at Virgin and where I have been, and these pictures came up and it made me think back to this trip and how amazing it was and surreal and realized I never did a post about it so thought better late than never?

Niagara falls was always somewhere I wanted to visit and see for myself but when you price up flying to Canada, accommodation, hiring a car and everything else it always was such a silly amount just to see a water fall... well I can confirm it is definitely not JUST a waterfall, it really is amazing I would recommend it to anyone. 

So I flew out for work to Detroit and we was there for 2 nights, so the first night was the standard, chicken wings drinks in the hotel bar then bed. Up early at 4am to drive to Canada. This road trip was super fun as I had the loveliest crew, the roads we drove and the scenery we saw was stunning. Being up so early also meant we was able to watch the sun rise. The drive took around 4 hours as we did have a couple stops along the way. And if you do this remember to take your passports! We also had to take some paperwork proving we were airline crew which is why we was only going into the country for one day. 

We all paid to go on the boat trip which is so worth the money I think it was about $15-$20 each and you get waterproof jackets and you go into the falls. fair to say you get absolutely soaked.

You can view the falls from either the USA side or the CANADA side, I 100% would say go to the Canada side.. even if it adds more hassle to your journey and time it is so much better. I'm so lucky to be able to see this and call it a day at work. But I would even go back on a holiday just so I can see it again.



  1. Niagara falls has been on my must visit list for so long, your photos are making me want to tick it off sooner rather than later

    Sarah // Belle's Moments

    1. Please go! It's honestly such an unreal experience.. :)


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