Monday, 17 July 2017


I feel like im always posting about where I have been what I get up too and sometimes the occasional outfit post.. but I feel like I never really post anything about myself. I have a lot of people that I know follow my blog and love it (which literally makes me cry with happiness). Yet I feel like you have no idea who I am or anything about me? So here is 10  random facts about myself :)

1. I am naturally really blonde, but I used to add blonde highlights just to keep it bright however now I feel the sun is constantly keeping my hair bright. (Which I am loving) however i have dyed my hair brown 3 times and each time regretted it. Please don't ask why I kept doing this but please dont ever let me do it again if I mentioned it.

2. I am super short.. like before my assessment day for cabin crew I practiced stretching for months. Every day I would stand under my door frame and practice stretching so I could reach the top.. Luckily I am just tall enough to be cabin crew, but this doesn't mean I have to jump to reach certain things in the galley from time to time...

3. My favorite place in the whole world is the Spanish island Menorca. I have so many happy memories here and plan to live here one day. Its the most beautiful place ever with amazing food, coves, weather, friendliest people and little quirky streets. Cuitadella being my favorite. This is my dream destination to get married one day.

4. I make a lot of healthy foods and snacks for example my vegan sweet potato brownies. However I am such a naughty snacker, I love sweet treats and crisps and if I wanted to pig out on unhealthy junk food it really doesn't take more than "do it" to convince me.. 

5. I don't really drink much alcohol... not because I dont enjoy the taste or the hangover I actually find myself more fun when not drinking, I usually have alot of energy and find if I start drinking it can make me feel mopey and also can trigger my panic attacks. 

6. I have anxiety. The past 2 years I have found myself dealing with my anxiety miles better however I do still suffer with panic attacks. Which can be a bit of a pain with my job and lifestyle.

7. I used to be so scared of flying. Like petrified I once grabbed a strangers hand during turbulence, thankfully he was fine with it...

8. I have tattoos, I have 5 tattoos in total, well 4 and a half one is being lazered off at the moment. I love them and want loads more. This is a pain with my job, plaster life! 

9. I love Brighton sooooo much. Ask anyone, if I had a day off and the suns out and someone asked me what id like to do, my answer is always go to Brighton and into the lanes. Good job I only live about 40 minutes away.

10. I hate hate hate soggy toast and raw tomatoes.

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  2. Thank you so much! :) literally traveling is all I ever wanted to do and before I became crew I went on loads of holidays and spoke to the crew and realised flying really isn't that scary if you think about it! Message me on instagram and I'll give you some advice :) xx

  3. Adore your blog! I've just done a video interview for Virgin, it was quite difficult having to explain everything in 2 minutes lol. Whats the minimum height allowance? If all else fails I already have an offer from easyJet which is a start. I envy you and all your adventures. Keep the posts coming! Lots of love Charlie-Rose xox

    1. Thankyou so much! Ah amazing well done girl I'm sure you did great! So there isn't a limit it's a reach test of opening and closing an Airbus overhead locker! Good luck! Xxx

  4. Wow I love reading your blogs, seeing you travel the world to different places, I would love to visit America one day and seeing your posts makes me decide where I would want to go, you must have the most amazing job getting the chance to travel around the world. You give other women Inspiration, oh one thing I forgot to add I live in Brighton and it’s the best especially in the summer :) lots of love steph xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely! :) It really is amazing, and definitely visit the states if you can! Aww lucky I love brighton! xx


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