Wednesday, 21 June 2017


The sound of lions eating a dead giraffe.. absolutely gross but also amazing to see. Alex and I went on a new adventure together and this time to Johannesburg, South Africa! We booked a night away in a safari lodge called Leopardsong Safari. Its about 2 hours away from the crew hotel which to be honest was good I needed that 2 hour nap in the car after the long 10:30 hour night flight..

As soon as we got to the lodge we was welcomed with local beers.. Castle Lite delicious! And a nice lunch, after that we unpacked in our room which was in the safari, zebras, meerkats, warthogs all kinds of animals were just strolling about. We then went on our first safari which was the sunset safari. This was stunning, we drove around on the hunt for the big dangerous animals like the Lions, Buffalow, Rhino's, Hippos... and luckily we saw all of them! Close up as well.. I can't lie and say I was brave, I made Alex sit on the end.. I was in the middle!

Seeing these animals in the wild was unreal.. I still can't get over how close we were to lions just walking about minding their own business eating giraffes. Also the Buffalow, that scared me!! Not a fan at all.. the way they stare at you and you feel like you have to stare back otherwise it will charge..

We did this safari till dark, stopped by a lake where the zebras were having a drink and had a drink with them also, not the lake water though... Alex and I cracked open a couple more beers. I felt drinking alcohol was the only way that was calming my nerves when the ranger would say its safe to step out the jeep and walk about. Knowing full well there is lions about!!

After the sun went in, we headed back to the lodge for dinner and they made a huge camp fire for us which we sat around chatting and just relaxing for ages until deciding to head off to our room as we was up early the next morning for the sunrise safari! The rooms were so nice, but you definitely do feel you are in the middle of a safari with all sorts of animal noises throughout the night...

The morning safari was FREEZING. I forgot that it's winter in South Africa at the moment, during the day its fine its sunny and warm but at 6am in the morning.. it is NOT! We were so cold had to wrap ourselves in big thick blankets just to feel a little bit of warmth.. me being the donut I am I only had sandals with me.. so I genuinely thought my toes were going to fall off! So worth it though, we had tea and coffee whilst watching the hippos and crocs.

It was then time to head back to hotel, I was sad to leave but the 1 night is definitely more than enough time to see everything. I would definitely recommend to anyone at some point in their life to do a African safari! There's nothing quite like coming face to face to wild animals and actually seeing them happy in their habitat not caged up in a zoo.

Alex the jammy git had upper class there and back with me serving.. he enjoys the benefits more than me! Im still yet to travel in upper instead of working it.. hopefully soon?

Thanks for reading! 

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