Wednesday, 7 June 2017


So finally, im off somewhere that isn't the Caribbean or the States! I know our Delhi flights are known to be seriously hard work however it wasn't putting me off in the slightest! I've always wanted to visit India as I just love their culture and how beautiful everything is. Not all of India is like this which I know and saw for myself, but it was still amazing to visit.

The weather was an outdoor hair dryer, 46 degrees Celsius, and it felt like walking into a massive sauna. I have no idea how people cope living in them conditions..  but I guess they are used to it? Im not sure.. I for one know I could never get used to that kind of heat! So when we landed in the morning, after a busy night flight into Delhi from London we all went to our rooms and slept, this was needed.. the rooms are stunning, with the dreamiest bathrooms.

We planned to all meet in the lobby to go for a proper Indian curry, flagged down a taxi which cost us 400 rupees. Which is like nothing... £4 to be exact. And went to a small little restaurant by the market stalls. Bearing in mind its now dark outside, the temperature went down to 40 degrees... but thankfully the restaurant had AC! 

I love curry.. however im so basic and always get chicken tikka masala, sag aloo and keema rice. I decided to change it up a little whilst I was out there..wanted to have a proper curry, to be honest I have no idea what we all ordered. But it was delicious, washed down nicely with a couple of their local beers King Fisher. Which taste just like coors light which I love! 

Then after a few drinks with the crew, we left there paying the equivalent of like £20 for all that food and drinks... and amazing service! We decided to have a little walk around the stalls outside, which was selling the most gorgeous bouquets of flowers and other questionable stuff.. 

TUK TUK'S are terrifying!!! They drive like nutters out there, and being in the back of a Tuk Tuk going god knows what speed with no doors, no seat belts not even anything to hold onto other than your seat or a tiny pole down the side was hilariously funny, but also terrifying. I think we was half screaming and half laughing of just pure fear. I don't think there is any rules out there. However for 60p for a 15 minute ride, so worth the experience.

India was somewhere I would definitely go to again, next time my plan is to drive 4 hours down to the TAJ MAHAL. Which I know is worth the journey. Indian are so friendly however if you are blonde with blue eyes like myself be prepared to be stared at or even have photos taken of you.. They don't see blondies too often so we are a little bit like show monkeys to them I felt.. 

Next stop: Orlando, Florida! 


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