Tuesday, 16 May 2017


I wanted to do this post because so often I get messages on Instagram asking what is it really like? And as much as I love it when people message me and have an interest I thought it may be a lot easier for you to just come here and read it more detailed..

Being long haul cabin crew is a lifestyle not just a job. They say this all the time when your doing your training and even during your assessment days, but I did't really believe it until I started flying. As much as I love travelling around the world on a weekly basis meeting new people making new friends, this job can be super lonely sometimes. You can have such a wave of emotions in one month of happiness, excitement, stress and feeling sad. This could easily be based on what your roster is like. For me a perfect roster would be like a LA, MIAMI, BARBADOS, NEW YORK. A nice verity of all our destinations.. and sometimes you do get the perfect roster and your flying with friends and everything is great. Yet sometimes your roster inst so good and you dont know anyone on the crew list so you have that pre flight nerves of walking into a briefing room full of strangers. However by the end of that long 10 or so hour day you pretty much all walk of as friends.


I thought I knew the meaning of being tired back at my old job.. nope definitely not! When you are doing a night flight trying to stay awake for breakfast service... that's being tired. Even if you don't drink coffee.. do! Some times your day could be like 15-20 hours long.

Buying tights every week 

This is honestly such a silly one but its something noone ever warned me about.. Is how many pairs of tights you go through, every flight you are bound to have a ladder at one point.. sometimes this happens on the way to the airport putting your case in the car! So my advise is to always ALWAYS have spare packs of tights at home, in your case and in your crew bag.


Nope not the ones you eat, you definitely wont be wanting them by how much you bloat whilst flying. I mean the ones you put in your hair, these are just life savers.. unless you skilled and blessed with talents like doing french plaits and all sorts of fancy hair styles..if not get loads of donuts!

Missing out 

Unlike most people who may work 9-5 and get to go home, we work all day and then go to a hotel room in luxury destinations.. this is so amazing however when your friends have a birthday meal and you can't go because your thousands of miles away it can be difficult. Sometimes this caused arguments between me and my friends, its hard for some people to understand that you can't make it to everything because your first 6 months you can't swap flights or book holiday. However after 6 months when you can swap its still difficult to get time off. So you need to be prepared to maybe miss out on certain things that are happening back home..


Im not saying your on your own all the time, have no friends and no company. But some trips people have routines, and you just need to find your own. Like Orlando, I have such a routine there now.. I land go for drinks and bed, next day get up early (Thanks jet lag) go to the gym, then to the pool for a few hours, maybe pop into the mall then back to my room to shower rest then fly home. Other trips you can be with the crew the whole time having dinner, drinks going out for the day exploring! It really just depends... so you need to be prepared to enjoy your own company.

Dry Skin 

This is gross but flying dries you out soooo much. Everyone knows this. And everyone will tell you this when you start to fly, you need to drink shit loads of water and moisturize! I use hand sanitizer so much during a flight, to the point my hands feel so rough like ive been working on a building site all day.. so gross i know. So i always have hand creams in my bag as well as lip balm and face cream. You need this after a 11 hour flight in air con!!!


End of the day, you could have an amazing flight or you could have a horrible flight. You are still getting off and spending at least 1 night in a new country/destination. Go explore, take photos try new foods and activities.. you need rest time in a hotel room course but don't do this on every trip at least not for your first year.. go out and make memories because being crew truly is such an unreal lifestyle. Collect stuff too.. I get a fridge magnet from every new destination I go to..



  1. I love this post. I would love to work as cabin crew but Ive heard that the salary is something like £12,000 per year which is difficult to live on. Is this true?

    1. it isn't the best paid job in the world! But your paid to sunbathe in Barbados or party in Vegas! Not too bad! X

  2. Hi how long did you have to wait between your assessment day and the day you started training? Thanks x


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