Saturday, 18 March 2017

Weekend in Orlando

last weekend I went to orlando for 2 nights, I was super lucky to get this trip pattern as usually a trip to Orlando for us is only a 1 night layover. Which is still plenty of enough time to go get your manicure/pedicures hit the shops, go to the gym and pool. Even if you wanted to visit universal studios in the evening! However I was lucky enough to swap onto this over the week of Alex's birthday. So of course he packed up his suitcase and tagged along with me.

The flight went well it was completely full though so Alex was lucky to get a window seat in economy! I was working in the upper deck of the aircraft which was a Boeing 747. This is a nice position you only have a small cabin but you also have alot of responsibilities as you look after the flight deck...making sure you remember who drinks tea 1 sugar and coffee 2 sweeteners and what colour cup. Of course safety and security stuff also.

When we eventually arrived I dragged poor old Alex straight to the nail salon for a pedicure. After a flight this is pure bliss. It's so weird how someone cutting dead skin off your feet and rubbing them can be so enjoyable! Anyway as much as he will hate me saying this, he loved it! I think he now wants one after every football match..

The next day we was up super early (thanks jetlag) got ready had breakfast and sat by the pool for a while before meeting up with all the other crew and making our way over to universal studios. We spent the whole day here and island of adventure. And like always Alex made me go on nearly every single ride.... I was not feeling too fresh!

As you can imagine being thrown around on the rides walking around all day as well as being in 25+ degree heat was a enough to make us knackered! We really wanted to go to Disney springs in the evening but all we could think about was getting ice creams and going to bed. I have so much respect for the parents that come here for 2 weeks or more with children and do the parks every day..

The next day we just popped to the outlets which are super close to the hotel we're we stay as crew which is a bonus! Victoria secret outlet too ladies...dirt cheap! We went here spend a load of dollars then went to the mall, spent more dollars then I decided it was probably best I went back to the room had a shower and a disco nap before putting the red uniform back on and flying home. 

Flight home was lush.. 250 spare seats "thank you veerry much" 


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