Friday, 24 March 2017


I'm in Miami!
After that disgusting 4am alarm and dragging myself out of bed to ger ready and travel to Heathrow airport, running late due to glorious m25 traffic I can now say I am finally in Miami!

I was lucky enough to be able to sit in the flight deck for landing... my first time flying to Miami and I had the best seat in the house. Sitting right behind the FO (First Officer) listening in to all the radio conversations with the ground. It was such a clear blue day as well.. perfect for landing.

Miami was amazing, so hot and sunny, and very vibrant. I loved it here and have already swapped onto another one next month! Happy days :) if you ever visit Miami make sure to visit Soho Beach House for breakfast it's so good there and stunning!

Next Stop: Havana, Cuba 


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