Sunday, 19 March 2017

Quick trip to Antigua

A new destination for this dolly! Antigua.. unfortunately this was such a short trip, only one night.
But I still had a lovely time and made the most of the gorgeous carribean beaches and weather. And I burned again... like every others carribean trip I'm starting to think sun cream doesn't work for me!! I also think the mozzies were starving when they saw me because I have been bitten to death on my legs. No fun! (Always take your bite cream away and DEET spray!)

When we arrived it was a quick shower get changed and downstairs for happy hour.. standard. 

It was so scenic watching the sunset whilst having a couple drinks by the pool... one by one everyone disappeared back to their rooms as we have just operated a long flight over and still on UK time! 

The next day I had the most gorgeous view for breakfast with some of the girls, we just sat talking and sipping our tea for ages looking out at the view being proper classy! Who do we think we are??

Myself and another crew member Meagan decided sitting around the pool all day was a waste of such a pretty island!! So we decided to have a walk around and headed to the beach. Obviously this beach did not disappoint! Crystal blue seas and white sands.. 

Before we knew it we checked the time and it was time to start headed back to the hotel (which was back up a massive hill) and start getting ready for check out! Check out is quite early for Antigua but we alao land super early into Gatwick. The wake up call was 3:35-4:35 so that means you'll get a call at 3:35 from reception and then you have to be ready for work downstairs 15 minutes before 4:35. After a day of being in the sun sometimes putting make up on and a bra is just the worst. 

On our walk back up the MASSIVE hill in 30 degree heat.. I did have moments of maybe giving up and just flagging down a random car to take us but of course that's dangerous so we opted to not do that. Thankfully though as we stumbled across a stunning view point. Where you really can see the colour of the sea! 

Such a shame this was only a night stop but I think if I stayed any longer I may of looked like I had chicken pox from all these bites! I was exhausted after the night flight home.. this trip is on the A330 which we all know what that means! So as soon as I got home I collapsed into bed and just woke up 6  hours later! Thankfully not feeling like I've been dug up from the grave. 

Now to drag Alex to come on a country side walk with me to get some fresh air and then reward myself with a massive roast dinner. Ahh landing day at its best. 

Next stop: MIAMI 


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