Friday, 31 March 2017

Unfit To Fly

You may of noticed the massive lack in posts lately... this isn't me being lazy this is due to being stuck at home  unfit to fly. Unfortunately i've been in hospital a couple times ever since landing home from Miami and haven't been well enough to go back to flying. I was meant to be landing back from a 3 night trip to Cuba today!

If I worked in any other job like an office for example id probably be back to work now, but when you fly as your career your health is really serious and you have to be physically and mentally fit to fly before you go back to work.

I'll be okay and im sure ill be back flying soon!

thanks for reading x 

Friday, 24 March 2017


I'm in Miami!
After that disgusting 4am alarm and dragging myself out of bed to ger ready and travel to Heathrow airport, running late due to glorious m25 traffic I can now say I am finally in Miami!


Monday, 20 March 2017


I thought Los Angeles was like always sunny and hot with bright blue skies? Well I was wrong I just got back Los Angeles a couple days ago and still had the best time hit unfortunately was definitely not living the cali dream in the sun! But of course it’s sunny and warm there now… typical!


Sunday, 19 March 2017

April Roster

MBJ - Montego Bay, Jamaica 
LAX- Los Angeles, California
BOS- Boston, Massachusetts
MCO- Orlando, Florida

Quick trip to Antigua

A new destination for this dolly! Antigua.. unfortunately this was such a short trip, only one night.
But I still had a lovely time and made the most of the gorgeous carribean beaches and weather. And I burned again... like every others carribean trip I'm starting to think sun cream doesn't work for me!! I also think the mozzies were starving when they saw me because I have been bitten to death on my legs. No fun! (Always take your bite cream away and DEET spray!)


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Weekend in Orlando

last weekend I went to orlando for 2 nights, I was super lucky to get this trip pattern as usually a trip to Orlando for us is only a 1 night layover. Which is still plenty of enough time to go get your manicure/pedicures hit the shops, go to the gym and pool. Even if you wanted to visit universal studios in the evening! However I was lucky enough to swap onto this over the week of Alex's birthday. So of course he packed up his suitcase and tagged along with me.


A fresh start

Welcome! I decided to move on from my old blog and move on to something hopefully a little better. My content will still be similar but maybe some more lifestyle posts as well as everything travel and cabin crew related.

Follow this blog now instead for regular updates :)

Thank you x

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