Thursday, 13 August 2020


So hey! I haven't posted in nearly 2 years. And a bloody lot has happened in them two years. Im sure if you follow me on instagram you'll be fully up to date and know whats going on. However if for some crazy reason you have found my blog from somewhere other than insta then heres a quick recap. 

My life changed, I started to do more of what made me happy, made more memories traveling the world meeting new people. Met my now boyfriend and travel partner, moved back home with my mum and dad and started saving money to pack my bags and go and travel with Dylan (the irish lad all over my insta stories always doing something crazy) We travelled together with our jobs all over the world and then decided it wasn't enough and to pack it all up and do something crazy and new. Basically ran away together but not really... 

Last December 2019 I left Virgin as cabin crew and got a one way flight from London to Sydney, Australia. Here we spent a week in Sydney celebrating NYE which was insane! If anyone is planning to come to Oz make sure to time it right so you are in Sydney for the NYE fireworks.

We then left Sydney and started our road trip up the East Coast to Cairns. Which took about a month in total but thats because we spent a minimum of 2/3 days in each place to really make the most of everywhere! I really really recommend this route when you come to Oz to travel. You'll have the absolute time of your life. 

We then after having the best time traveling, had to go do our bloody 88 days farm work. Which was HORRIBLE to say the least. Met some cool people and made the most of it but it was not for me.... We worked on a sweet potato farm for the whole 3 months busting our asses off just to get another year in Oz. Worth it? hmmmmm yeah guess so. 

Then we left the farm (which i will do a blog post about with a lot more info for anyone who is looking into doing their 88 days here in oz) 

And headed to Surfers Paradise.. which was not our plan but good old COVID-19 kicked in and ruined everyones plans, thanks rona. We was supposed to go to Bali for my birthday and then New Zealand for Dyl's. But instead we ended up in the Gold Coast which was meant to only be for a couple weeks... 3 months later we are still here :) 

We had an apartment for about 2 moths which was pure luxury, really lovely views of the sea and the best spot for sunset. A pool, gym and spa area. Super nice but also super pricey. And we both started to miss the social life of hostels so decided to pack up all our stuff again and move back into a hostel. We have been here a month now both working for accommodation. Which is such a touch when travelling and you want to save as much money as you can. Moving here was probably the best choice we could of made. Met friends for life here and planning to do lots more traveling with them all when the world re opens. But for now I work 2 jobs, reception here at the hostel and basically at a bar which is the Australian version of hooters... love my life lol.  

Theres a lil update for you all if anyone cared :) 

Hopefully ill be posting some more on here on what we get up too, how we planned our travels and future travels, enjoy xxx


Thursday, 6 December 2018


FINALLY! I had a two night Barbados, I did have to swap onto it.. and it was landing back into Manchester airport. But still, I was buzzing about this trip. I absolutely love Barbados but usually we only get one night there which really isn't long enough.


Friday, 28 September 2018


LA is easily my favourite trip we do as Virgin Atlantic crew, and the reason come march I will be going back to Heathrow... I LOVE it there so much. The vibe, the weather, the food.. all of it.


Thursday, 16 August 2018


Hey! Im back, haven't posted in a while and I'm sorry. However I have been posting lots on Instagram so if you follow me on there then you probably haven't missed me at all... and even if you don't and you just follow my blog you probably haven't missed me either because my posts aren't all that good really I just talk nonsense and post pictures.


Friday, 25 May 2018


Nobody likes standby... really do they? I hate it! And I’m on it again this week, starting tomorrow back on S1 which is our early standby block 6-12 which I don’t mind as much because I’m probably going to be used for a Gatwick trip... fingers crossed!


Wednesday, 23 May 2018


How much of New York can you fit in 24 hours? A bloody lot that is! My feet still ache from this trip... I think we did over 23000 steps. Well thats what my watch said so it must be right! However when in New York, it has to be done!

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